If ALL else fails... you hang glide!

There I was... stuck at home (Sulphur)... and I needed to get to work! Scott needed me! Gator Country needed me! The problem was that I needed to get to Lake Charles, and the I-10 bridge was closed due to ice. So.......... after my 10th cup of coffee.... I glabbed my hang glider, ventured off to the highest point in Sulphur, Louisiana, which I figure is the water tower down my street, climbed it, PRAYED..... then jumped.

From Anita Street in Sulphur, I would glide towards Mossville... then do to a miscalculation, I wound up in Iowa...

This brought forth MORE Prayers!!

Alas, a heavenly strong gust would come to my rescue and lead me to 900 N. Lakeshore Drive... the home of Gator 99.5.

I would join Scott Lewis, relieve Don Rivers, to smack with Mike Souleau, and... even leave a snow angel in the parking lot of Townsquare Media.

Life.... is good.