Today is one of the best days in the world.....National Dog Day.  A day where we all celebrate our furry best friends (not that mine need anymore celebrations at home).  I love dogs, stray pups have always gravitated to me.  All my animals have rescued me, not me rescuing them.  I found our first dog, Lucky, when she was four weeks old.  Bottle feedings, chewed shoes, ripped carpet, and all the slobbery kisses we could stand were what we needed.  She lived ten years, ten years of car rides, chasing ducks on the beach, moving to NYC, ice cream, terrorizing our cat, and being loved by everyone she met.

My second, Lucy (far left in the above pic), we adopted from Calcasieu Parish Animal Services when she was nine months old.  I walked down this long corridor with kennels on each side; about two-three dogs per kennel.  She was the only one that ran to the front of her kennel, yelping and barking for me.  She was so happy to see me, that I had to take her home.  She is now almost fourteen and is the Queen of our house.

Maggie Mae (the front pup in the above pic)a Hurricane Katrina La Paws rescue, and Buddy (the black Pit-mix above), rescued from a railroad track in Orange, Texas., are our final pups.  Three pups and a grand pup in the house makes for a full zoo.  I must say, my life would be empty without my pups, greeting me everyday like they NEED me in their lives.  Snuggling when I don't feel well, protecting me when my hubby is gone, and just plain being goofy.  CELEBRATE God's creatures today, hug a shelter or rescue pet in your life.  Volunteer with a local rescue:  ADOPT NOT SHOP!!!