So there I was sitting on my couch. I was enjoying a day off. Then suddenly... KAOS!

My wife had taken the kids to grandma's house and I finally had some quality time with me, myself, and I. And ESPN on TV.

Oh, and my supervision was the family cat. His name is Smokey and he his quite the character and something was quite odd about him this one particular day. You see when someone is laid out on the couch in the living room, Smokey can be spotted resting at your feet or the arm of the couch.

That wasn't the case that day. He had disappeared. It was THAT big of a deal to me. I just found it odd that he wasn't doing his usual thing I guess. So, back to Sportscenter.

Then I hear something strange. I get up from my couch, and discover him in the hallway. It looked like he was playing with, what I thought was, a pair of socks. That was when he turned it loose.

Oh my Lord in Heaven! It's a mouse! And it was coming straight for me.

I turned to a wuss, running the other way, jumping into the loveseat? Yes, it was! He temporarily lost his Man Card that day. Hey, I was in "surprised mood", people!

Well, what ever the case, I do not believe I was THIS scared.