Have I ever done such a thing? Would you think little of me if I say yes? Let me explain.

When I was living up north with my family, I got involved with community theatre. It was a blast and it is the very reason why I have continued my theatre involvement here in Gator Country. But there was a person involved there that I wound up being friends with this person. A year down the year, both of our families were hanging out together. No matter if it was campfires, bowling, theatre involvement, yada yada yada...

Well, as the year would pass an irritation would start to build up inside on me. This person would call, text, email me all the time it seemed. Even when I wanted time with family. But, I... didn't... say anything. I just figured if I were a tad bit on the "cold" side, someone would get the hint.

Uh, no.

So one day my friend and I decided to go shopping for props for the upcoming stageplay in town. We made a bank stop, and my friend ran inside as I stayed in the vehicle... with her cell. Things that make you go hmmmm?

Oh I sure did. And to my surprise, by what I discovered, I was the ONLY one she'd call and text. Yikes!

Slowly I made the effort to be as distant to this friend and then a blessing fell out of the sky. The person in question moved! AMEN!