What is "milking?"  (No, sir, it's not that.)  It's a prank/trend that started in England as a protest.  Young students there say they're being "milked" by the government.  It involves a half-gallon of milk and ... well ... maybe it's best if you watch it for yourself.

Of course, who are we going to call to try out this brave, new international trend?  Our boy Chili, of course.  We took him down to Trahan's Hardware (where only the manager knew what we were about to do).  When we heard about this on YouTube, we didn't see any videos from America.  That might make Chili the FIRST American milker!  His momma will be so proud.

Enjoy and share this insanity!  Oh ... but don't try this!  Or if you do, you didn't hear about it from us!