Crossing the I-10 bridge requires concentration .... just to stay alive! There are a lot of people who refuse to cross it! People fly over that bridge. A state trooper has told me horror stories. I almost hate to bring your attention to something that may distract you while you cross the bridge; but this is cool.

flickr/ Mike Baird


I cross the bridge almost every afternoon. For the past couple of weeks I have noticed a rather large bird perched on the bridge rail. He has usually been in the same spot. He has been on the outside rail on the west bound side about half way down the west side of the bridge. I love birds of prey and watch for them while I drive. I drive a lot so it has become something I am pretty good at. it is a large black bird (at least with it's wings folded) with white spots on his head. I have searched the web and found an Osprey and think that is what the mysterious bird is. The Osprey is also known as the sea hawk, the fish eagle or fish hawk. I would love to hear from someone else who has spotted this bird. It would also be nice to know for sure what kind of bird it is. It's way to dangerous to try to get a picture of the bird while driving on the bridge. If you're lucky ... you may see this bird when you are crossing the I-10 bridge.