Remember the old urban legend about the man on the beach who had a bug crawl into his ear? He went to the hospital and the doctor said he would have to just wait for it to die and fall out, and when it did they found out that it was a female and had laid its eggs...IN HIS EAR!!!  It's true, I heard about it from my cousin's baby's momma's hairdresser!

Little Wade Schote of Denver, CO., found out, and didn't have to go thru all those contacts, he just took a nap. and while he snoozed, he was attacked thru his ear by a moth, hungry for brains!

At this point, Wade jumped up in screaming pain, and he and his mother unsuccessfully tried to drown the moth. All attempts to dislodge this moth, that had more staying power than the Die Hard movies. Eventually they made their way to the local hospital.

The doctors tried numbing my ear, thinking it would help with the pain and kill the moth. That didn't work. Then they tried drowning it. That didn't work. Then they tried irrigating it. That didn't work. Finally, the doctor pulled it out with tweezers and when they did it was still alive and started flying around," Wade said.

"I am so happy it's over. It was so painful. Every time it moved it hit my ear drum," Wade said.

The doctors even gave Wade his brain sucking moth back to him, in a plastic cup to take with him

Wade is now waiting patiently to offer payback lessons to Mr. Moth when his mail order Marquis De Dade books come in.