Not only do I know the theme song to the TV Show Greatest American Hero by heart, I want to BE that guy! Seriously!

It was the first super hero TV show that was also hilarious. I feel that Greatest American Hero was a TV show that was ahead of it's time.

What doom awaits for Ralph Hinkley in this week's episode? Will Rhonda and Bill be able to save him this time?

What TV theme songs do you remember word for word?

Tiffany Broussard Fresh prince of bel air, saved by the bell lol the brady bunch.

Linda Lott Fresh Prince Of Belair, The Brady Bunch.

Lindsey Feucht 7th heaven, Dawson's creek, boy meets world, full house, csi Miami, and Brady bunch, Friends,

Kayla Moore Charmed. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Family Guy. American Dad. Reba.     Boy Meets World. Girl Meets World (thanks to my boys). One tree hill. Big Bang Theory.

Alana Guerrero The Balled of Jed Clampett....Beverly Hillbillies

Cristin Trahan Maude, Charles in charge, the patty duke show but my new favorites are family guy and Big Bang theory also king of queens.

Leann Droddy F•R•I•E•N•D•S

Karen Daigle Green Acres, The Love Boat, Welcome Back Kotter, The Beverly Hillbillies, Cheers, The Jeffersons, Gilligan's Island....