I have witnessed idiots behind wheel of their vehicles do things from shaving with an electric razor and applying mascara to reading the American Press! I used to work with a girl who would paint my fingernails while driving. Steph would paint one at each stop light and by the time she'd get to where she was going, they're all painted and dried.

What was funny was that other motorist thought she was waiving at them! If I'm lying I'm dying! You CAN'T make this stuff up, people!

What have you seen other people do in their car while driving?

Steyphaney... Eating a plate of food ... I mean plate, fork, grubbin

Tracy... Texting, and i saw them text there self right into the ditch...

Crystal... Not kidding...light a crack pipe

Mindy... You should see the view from an 18 wheeler. I have seen stuff that would frighten the pope!

Brandy... Text, sing, dance and pick their noses!