Police officers are not the only target for hoodlums! They are also after referees now?

A San Antonio School district is investigating after a football player ran into the back of a referee watching a play and another player then dove into the official after he fell. Both players were ejected from the game.

Caren Boudreaux This video really pissed me off. I think those little creeps should be banned from any kind of football for life.

Deb Lubner  Slowly going down the toilet. Our behavior sux! And we point fingers! LOL js.

Randy Boudreaux They should have assault charges filed against them and expelled from school. The referee could have been seriously hurt.

Alli Stewart This is shameful .. If my son were ever to conduct himself this way on any field trust me no need for charges on him, they better call an ambulance cause I'm taking care of business but my child has been raised to respect all life...

Christine Cain It doesn't matter what color, race, or religious affiliation if they choose to conduct themselves like thugs they should be treated in kind. He should be dealt with same fashion as if he hit a teacher.