Sex in Louisiana schools: it's not just confined to illegal activity between teachers and students. It's about education. How much education, and what needs to be taught has been up for discussion in this session of the legislature.

A bill that would make it okay for Louisiana high school students to participate in surveys about sexual behavior has failed to make it through the Louisiana Senate's Education Committee. 

Those who opposed the bill did not necessarily oppose the concept of finding out what high school students know and don't know about sexual activity. West Monroe Senator Mike Walsworth told the Louisiana Radio Network that he didn't feel this bill was the best way to go about gathering the information.

And to say that no one is doing this, anything back home at all and that we have to have this sex survey for anybody to do anything is just absolutely not true.

Sarah Woods from St. Tammany Parish spoke before the committee and suggested that allowing this kind of survey into our school systems would not change the amount of sexual behavior that already exists in high schools.

It numbs these children to the fact that government has no business invading his or her privacy by asking such intimate questions.

Those who supported the legislation felt that the more information educators and parents could discover about what their kids know and don't know would lead to better curriculum and better opportunities for parents to discuss the subject in a private household setting.