I know why the punishments were handed down and agree that what happened was wrong and can never happen again. I just think honesty and integrity should be used to guide all of the commissioners decisions.



This "punishment" was sent down a week after season tickets holders had to buy the tickets for the 2012 season. Do you think the commisioner was unaware of what he was going to do last week? Is that the kind of integrity we are using to make decisions?

The commissioner cares about players health. That sounds great and he should. Has he addressed the issue of player obesity? According to Tommy Tucker (WWL Personality) there was one player in the NFL over three hundred pounds in 1970. Today there are more than 400!  Heat stroke, heart attack and diabetes have all claimed lives of these big men. That is not an injury... that is death! Has the commissioner addressed this?

Tommy also makes the observation that this punishment hurts the fans as much as the suspended personnel. He suggest that the suspended personnel work for free and donate their salaries to charities. I will go one step further and suggest they donate their salaries to a fund that would help players who's careers have been cut short due to injuries.  This would not hurt the fans, help injured players and still punish the guilty parties. Sean Peyton would lose about 7.5 million!

I also wonder if the commissioner is going to be watching to make sure other teams don't retaliete against Dr

You may agree or not. I would love to hear your opinion. We have not even heard of the player punishment yet. I would bet that Vilma will also sit out the season. Could that be why the team has been actively picking up defensive free agents? Hmmmmmmmm.