What did you do when you were bored? I once invented 5 different personalities in my head and created a complete fashion line for each of them! But i wasn't this bored.

Seems that mega-nerd CrysKnife007 needs a girlfriend...badly. So to ease the tension, he has found a way to relax with the sounds of the space opera, Star Trek! Hard to understand what this could do to a person, so I'll let him explain.

One of my favorite things about the Star Trek franchise are all the great ambient sounds that represent the engine noise on the various ships. My favorite ambient noise from the whole series is the engine idling noise in TNG. I have cleaned up a sample from the show and then looped it for 24 hours. Great for ambiance and imagining that you're in deep space.

Is he a genius, or is he insane? I have no idea, but I'm late for the catwalk! Ciao, Baby!