What happens when a ten year old Zorro fan finds a screwdriver and decides to leave his mark on the driver's side door to his mom's car?


Blamed my brother. Whew!

Saved me from one of the worst butt whoopins of All time. Hey, what are big brothers for, right? And what didn't help his case, my brother did have a bit of a lying issue. Which REALLY worked in my favor.

I had quite the imagination growing up. Somedays I was Superman, Luke Skywalker, Batman, and even Darth Vader. But there was a time I was the masked, caped swordsman Zorro. I would battle imaginary villians with my trusty screwdriver.

I guess I got carried away with my victory one afternoon.

Okay okay, I did finally fess up to the deed. It was 20 years later, but I do have a clear conscience. LOL