Another week, another poll measuring how happy people are in each state of the Union.  This one, however, goes a little more in depth than others.  How happy is Louisiana?  Eh, could be worse.

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The folks at WalletHub put together this poll that measures not just happiness in general, but how people feel about their work life, their emotional well being and even their feelings about their community.

All the feels, man.  ALL the feels.

Turns out, Louisianans are most happy with their job life.  We ranked 16th in the nation for that.  But when it comes to our feelings about our communities, our environment and our recreational activities, we rank 48th out of 51. (They count Washington, D.C., too.)

Overall, Louisiana ranked as the 39th happiest state in America.  That matches the results of a Gallup poll earlier this year, but seems out of whack with a Harvard professor's study that found the five happiest cities in the nation are in Louisiana.  Someone somewhere is full of bull.

What do you think?