The older and more broken in they are, the more softer and comfortable they become. I usually go for a week before I wash them. I only buy the cheap ones, but even with only washing them once a week they seem to wear out awful fast.


Katie... Once is so damn wasteful. Why don't you just shake off like a dawg and air dry running around the house naked instead? Then you wouldn't need any towels!

Sharon... 3 that's what I was told but here once lol

Shannon... Once only once hand towel once also

Kristen... Week if you hang it up correctly and it doesn't smell "sour"
If you're me, that never happens so 5.

Julie... Someone should read The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy always Carry a Towel

Annette... I use 1 twice unless I wash my hair then once.

Margaret... Depends on how well you bathe!

Jamie... I don't care how clean you are when you come out of the shower/bath.....once the towel dries your privates/ goes in the hamper.