How many of our Gator family and friends have tried those recipes they see on Facebook? Or do you wait for your friends to try them first?

A month ago I saw something that looked REALLY delicious. A stick of cheese incased in a meat patty. Then you roll the meat into a sausage shape. The goal was to eat the finished product inside a hotdog bun. Long story short... my finished producted turned into a cheesy meaty mess.

Anyone hungry for breakfast?

Here's some feedback from our Gator Facebook friends.

Margie Carnahan I've tried some. Problem is...I didn't write them down and now I can't find them

Lisa Moreau I try to make at least one new recipe a week.. whether I find them on fb or pinterest. Then my child decided if it's a keeper or if it's on the never make this again list.

Cindy Gibson At least 3... Counting last night ( I had seen the post also and thought it looked tasty and easy enough) It could be more than that but I know... Machine shed potato soup... Last night's chicken bacon ranch And a giant peanut butter-cup dessert. There may be others... but those I remember. They were All winners!!!!!

Gwen Richard Tate I've tried some but doesn't look the pic on FB lol

Tressa Hutson Jantzen I try new recipes daily or weekly. I'm 35 now and been doing it since I was 14. I used to only cook from the taste of home magazines or our church recipe books. They have to be tried and true lol but since I been on FB I try them too but they have to look like they'll turn out or have good reviews.

Thank you for your feedback!