I guess one of the major benefits in marrying a "tomboy" is that my wife does have a closet FULL OF SHOES!

Girls, you don't NEED that many shoes! Or is this something that I will never ever understand? I have like three pairs and I hate shopping for shoes. I don't ever understand it when people buy a lot of something that they obviously don't need. But that's me.

How many pairs do you own today?

Keegan... One pair of tennis shoes ASICS

Fran... 20-25... mostly riding boots and work shoes

Heather... i didnt think a had a lot untill i thought about it which is surprising since im not very girly i prefer to be outside or work on cars but i think i have close to 25 pairs of shoes ..... mostly boots

Jessica... 1 pair of nikes, 1 sandals, my pretty boots, then my work boots lol

Anna... About 20. Unless we're counting sandals and flip flops!

Melanie... 54 pairs