An alligator took a stroll across a Florida golf course as golfers gawked about it's massive size.

It's normal to see gators on the golf course in Florida, but this gator had onlookers grabbing for their cell phones to capture it's huge presence for all to see.

Charles Helms was one of those onlookers as he shot video of the gator as it nonchalantly made its way across Buffalo Creek Golf Course over the weekend.

That is the biggest freaking alligator I’ve ever seen in my life

After watching the video, I began to wonder how this could even be real. Dave Steel pointed out the tail changing colors and also the shadow of the gator being inconsistent when it walks near the sand trap—but then other videos surfaced showing alternate angles.

What would you do if you saw a gator this big? Comment below now!

[via KDVR]