One of the hardest things about working in the downtown area of Lake Charles is getting a quick affordable lunch! Only have a few minutes to get into the courthouse to take on your ex in divorce but you're starving? Well, have we got the solution for you!

No longer will the downtown workers have to worry about that! Because now Lake Charles has Weinie Dogs Hot Dog Stand, the only mobile Hot Dog Stand in town! New York Style 100% Black Angus Beef Hot Dog ( They have that snap, juice and spice !) on a steamed bun, with your choice of toppings!

Feed your hunger, and stop sitting at work with the 2pm grumblings. They can even be rented out for private parties! And when your lunch is served up by Mr. DJ himself, you can't go wrong with that!


So stop in, and enjoy New York taste without the cabbies with 3 good teeth. Remember, IF IT DOESN'T SAY WEINIE DOG'S, IT IS NOT US!