It wasn't that long ago in the very same spot on the globe an area of disturbed weather developed into Tropical Storm Danielle. Fortunately for the Gulf Coast of the United States that system was suppressed  in its development and its track so it was not really a player in the Louisiana weather forecast.

This week in just about the same spot on the coast of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico another area of disturbed weather is being monitored for development by the National Hurricane Center. The latest forecast models do not give this system much of a chance to develop into anything more than an area of showers, heavy rain, and thunderstorms.

The system should move westward further off the Yucatan and into the warm waters of the Bay of Campeche over the weekend. It is expected this westward motion will continue and eventually bring the system across the eastern Gulf Coast of Mexico. This should be very near the same spot where Danielle made landfall.

Some of the long range computer forecast models have indicated a possible tropical hot spot in the Caribbean sea for late next week. That obviously is a best guess based on information currently available.There is certainly nothing imminent to be concerned with.  Forecasters will be watching that area as a low pressure system is expected to form and with the energy of the warm tropical waters could become something more than a rainmaker.