Seasoned tropical observers are well aware of the connection between this part of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and the Cape Verde Islands. The area around the small island chain just off the coast of Africa is where many August and September tropical cyclones are born.

Most of the time they roll of the African continent as tropical waves and then strengthen further out to sea. This time the Cape Verde Islands are feeling the full effects of a category one hurricane.

Hurricane Fred went from tropical wave to hurricane in about 48 hours. According to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center the maximum sustained winds on Fred are at 80 mph. The movement of the system is to the north west. This would carry the center of circulation directly through the island chain.

Tropical forecast models and the official track from the Hurricane Center do not see much of a future for Fred after this brush with the Cape Verde islands. Most of the  models show the storm drifting into the colder waters of the Atlantic and eventually dissipating.