I can't remember the first time I had crawfish, so I must have been young.  Growing up in Southeast Texas, crawfish was a staple during Lent, and through the early summer.  Now, you can just about find it at any restaurant south of the Mason Dixie Line.

I love everything about crawfish, the lawn parties with the large boiler, purging the bugs (add a little salt and watch them crawl).  The ice cold beer, good Zydeco playing, and a washer tournament that will rival the Olympics.  On a warm Summer day, crawfish is the way to go.  Any time: my birthday,  family reunion, office shin-dig, or the Bugs-To-Go spots around town, there is no excuse for not having access to my favorite food.

We did a little poll on our Gator 99.5 Facebook page and asked "What is your favorite Louisiana food?" and I must say, crawfish was numero uno.  Gumbo came in close second, boudain third, and king cake fourth.  Of course, you can have all four in one day, that is a good Mardi Gras!

Vanessa- Boudain & crawfish; we brought baud back to TN with us when we were in LC

Jess- Crawfish

Brandi- Gumbo and king cake!

Suzy-I am not from Louisiana but my heart is always there.  LOVE the food, I am always craving gumbo.

Jade- Now I need some boudoir and king cake! 

Cody- ALL OF THEM!  I need a care package sent to me.