I'm David Kaye, and I'm a slow driver. Deal with it. But, I'm not a slow walker! I start walking and I'm gone, just a cloud of dust. But do you know what burns my bottom? Slow Walkers. How many times are you walking through the mall or Walmart or Church and everyone wants to...go...so...slowwww...One Japanese man seems to have found a solution — a bike bell that announces his presence. It’s so simple. Why didn’t I think of that? I guess I didn't need a airhorn...

As the man creeps up behind slow-moving pedestrians, his rings his bell. Some look back in slight annoyance, some move to the side and others just run away. If he tried this here in the U.S., something tells us the reactions wouldn’t be so polite. Watch below.

But I'm David Kaye...I want an Airhorn!