I logged a major milestone in my life on July 4:  I asked my girlfriend of almost two years to be my wife.  And she said 'YES,' if you believe that mess!  Since then, everyone's been asking me how it all went down.  Was she surprised?  How did I go about doing it? 

Well, to answer those questions and to share the good news with everyone, I went the extra mile to recreate that marriage proposal live on the air this morning.  Now, you can share in the moment as if you were there.

Just one warning, though.  I couldn't afford actors to do this reenactment.

So I used Muppets.

But not THE Muppets, because Disney owns those, and they are expensive and they will sue us.  We used off-brand Muppets.

Just listen -- I'll explain everything:

My Marriage Proposal to My Fiancee, as Recreated by Muppets (3:32)

The future Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lewis (not actually Muppets)