If you've been in a relationship for any length of time, you've probably done something incredibly stupid to hurt the other person.  But unless you've set the other person on fire while doing something incredibly stupid, you ain't gonna top this guy for a quite a while.

As CNN reports, Austin Dawkins, 37, of Clarksville, Ga., is at a gas pump when he flicks his cigarette lighter for reasons surpassing human understanding.  What happens?  Well, whaddaya think happens?  He starts a fire.

BUT WAIT!  While he does remove the still-flowing nozzle from the truck to keep it from exploding, but as he does, he sprays his wife with flaming gasoline.  She suffered second- and third-degree burns to "her legs, arms, back and head."

Why was he flicking his lighter -- and then why does he LOWER it toward the gas nozzle?  The only explanation can be that he's a raging moron.  We'll probably be reading more about it in his upcoming divorce papers, I'd imagine.