For me, instead of being in a rush to go home to play with toys Santa brought me on Christmas Eve, I would have spent Christmas Day with my Grandma in Welsh. She would suddenly pass the day after Christmas in 1987. Talk about I was one devastated young man.

Gator Country?

Jessica... More time with my siblings when I was a child.

Morgan... Spending time with my grandparents

Jack... Stay in school and got my high school diploma but I waited 10 yrs to get my GED

Summer...  Nothing. Everything I've done in the past has made me who I am today. You learn from choices you make.

Ronnie... Would've stayed closer to my kids, and done more with them and for them.

Amy... Travel more before kids

George...  Go to my senior prom.

Jessica... I should have never got married

Bob... No drugs

Chris... Listen to my elders when they gave me advice.