Recently found out that my Oldest daughter and her boyfriend will be spending the week of Christmas with Louisiana family. Yay!

Nicole and her beau live in Nebraska. You see, in 2006 I moved my family up there and we lived in the cornhusker state for over six years. In that time Nicole joined the Army Reserves. Here's a picture when she graduated from boot camp.

Never been prouder of my redhead! Since then, most of us moved back to Southwest Louisiana. But my daughter continues to live her life up there. Because of a busy life, Julie and I see our daughter not as much I we want, but will take what we can.

For Christmas 2015, my wife and I recieved quite the early present. A holiday visit from Nicole and Brieson in December.

I am a blessed man living a blessed life. And I can't thank my lucky stars enough for the opportunity to wake up on Christmas morning with all four of my kids under the same roof.