I am the proud father of four amazing kids. One is in the Army Reserves, another is in the ministry, one is my athlete, and my youngest son goes by the name of Superman.

When David was seven years old, he noticed that his dad was watching a movie on the family television. The movie was Superman 2.

My son would watch the entire movie, even thru the closing credits. That mesmerized!

After that day, something snapped in that boy's head. He would tie a red shirt around his neck and the imagination would take over for most of his young life. How bad was it? When he was enrolled in Mother's Day Out at First Baptist Church in Sulphur, the ONLY name he would answer to was... yup, you guessed it!

One year David recieved a Superman costume for Halloween. He would wear it until it got so old and holy that it "disappeared" one day. Shhhhh

It wasn't such a devastating loss. He did has Superman underwear underneath.

Even at a very young age, David had the ability to talk his friends into being his sidekick, or the villian of the neighborhood.

My "Man of Steel" turns 20 this year and instead of saving the world from Lex Luthor, he's heavily involved in church.

He's a Superman that I'm quite proud of.