This has given me another reason to grab a frying pan and go all Left 4 Dead on some people...Teen superstar Justin Bieber has indulged in his love of hit cartoon Family Guy - he's spent $25,000 on a custom-made diamond necklace featuring his favourite character.

The singer commissioned Los Angeles jeweller-to-the-stars Jason Arasheben to help create the 14-carat gold pendant in the shape of baby Stewie, using over 12 carats of white diamonds on his face and multi-coloured rubies to make up the cartoon's clothing.

Arasheben says Bieber "had a specific vision for how he wanted it to look".

I just read a lot of stories, admittedly mostly about rappers who are just given junk like cars and a nice house to look like they're rich but no real money. Now I don't know if this is the case (he's not a rapper) but pop star's success in general is fleeting and despite what you and I might think about what they earn, it's possible to go broke no matter how much you pull in if you're an idiot. You can make up a list of a dozen of big pop stars who are now broke.

And this an idiot.

via Justin Bieber | Bieber Commissions Pricey Family Guy Pendant | Contactmusic.