Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials announced that the race, which has been shown on delay locally for the past 65 years, would air live on local TV on Sunday.

This is great! Potential new fans will be tuning in and will hopefully watch the next race in Detroit!

Hopefully, Indianapolis Motor Speedway will continue to lift the black-out ban and get some new supporters of the race. There is absolutely no economic argument for a black-out of an event of this magnitude. Only stupidity and greed has kept it off TV for the last 67 years.

I have family who lives up in that neck of the woods and they inform that the Indiana Pacers don't black-out. The Indianapolis Colts probably wouldn't if the NFL didn't control the rules. In fact, the Colts have purchased thousands of tickets themselves to get the black-out lifted on tons of games. Then they donate those tickets to charities.

Now, how many supporters would the Indianapolis Motor Speedway gain if they did that? Hmmm?