I have found that Black Friday is an early bird event that requires a lot of my time for a few dollars saved. You may love it. I am not sure I feel the same way.

Most of the time there are very few of the “super sale” items in the store. So you wait outside to get in.

The earlier you arrive the better your place in line. The better your place in line …. The better chance you have of grabbing one of the few “super sale” items. All of us have cut back and have to spend wisely. Most of us are working longer hours than ever before. I guess the question becomes …would I arrive hours early and wait in a line outside of a store for hours just to have a chance of getting the savings on a super sale item?


I doubt it. I know how tight money is. I also know how little time I get with the ones I love. Our time is also valuable. Time is the most valuable thing you have. They have now moved black Friday to Thursday at some stores. It is the same thing a little earlier. I hope you can find everything you need this Christmas season. I hope you can get it all at a great price. I hope you don’t have to give up a lot of your time to get it.

PS what do you think? Can I get Andy Rooney’s old job?