Every once in a while I will ask the Gator Country social media a question just to get a rise out of them. Here's their thoughts on cheerleading degrading to woman and girls. I think I hit a nerve.

Is cheerleading degrading for women and girls?

Amanda Brasseaux Okay, if you research you will find Football, Wrestling and Cheerleading are the top 3 most dangerous youth sports in 2015. Of course it is a sport!!!! It takes lots of practice and lots of skill to be a cheerleader!!! Football players throw a football. Cheerleaders throw bodies. Two different SPORTS both take skill. If you don't think cheerleading is a sport meet my daughter and her team (of both Boys and Girls) at the matt any day!! And degrading? If a person makes choices that are degrading to them then it is a CHOICE, has nothing to do with the sport. Anything can be degrading if you choose to make bad choices which in turn reflects you and your sport. Another words it can NOT be blamed on the sport itself!

Krystal Trahan Why would you even ask that? Cheerleading is a sport just as football or any other.. Those girls work their little selves to death to learn those routines.. it's a lot of hard work and dedication.

Rebecca Zeller No definitely Not!!! Cheerleading is a sport just as any other!! These girls work HARD to get where they are! They put in hours upon hours of practice to get things right..

Amy Riley Anyone who thinks cheerleading is not a sport needs to go to their local Cheer academy and spend 1 day doing what these girls/guys do.. then you will see.. it's very much a sport and these girls/guys work very hard to perfect their skills.. my daughter is one of them and I am very proud of it..

Michelle Whittington I also think that it's only degrading because people make it that way. Men and women alike make comments that are unnecessary most of the time!

Amber Becnel As a gym owner I have boys in my program as well, why are you asking such a sexist question? I challenge you to come survive one practice (I doubt you can) then try to answer your own question.