She arrived last April and penetrated the hearts of Gator 99.5 listeners. Her name is Erin Davision and she will be sitting in the air chair the next two days for Kris St. James!

Mr. St. James has finally decided to take some days off, and when Erin caught wind of such sillyness... she did what any person in her position would do... she threw up! Twice!

Ok Gator Country, Erin needs some love!

    Rebecca Moss... No fair! We are supposed to team up w girl power!

    Patrice Balla... Even Donald thinks you can handle it...

    Jessica Buck... Erin's got this!!!

    Heather Courville... Who needs Kris St James! You got this Erin!

    Donny Trahan... I wanna go sit in!

    Ruthie Carpenter... Or I could go sit in...and we can have everyone laughing so  much...they pee in their pants.

    LaDonna Burke... Pft! Those guys better watch out if she's in charge


When I first met Erin, she had no radio experience. She had a public service announcement to record and I was assigned to record her. Afterward, I bet we spent almost an hour talking about... Lord know what, about things and everyone.

Keep in mind that Scott Lewis was still my sidekick in the morning on Gator. I asked her to sit in for Scott one morning and our on air connection was an instant spark!


Three months later, the Kris and Erin Show has surpassed all my expectations.

Thanks for starting your weekday mornings with the Kris and Erin Show 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Gator 99.5