There is quite a growing concern of the condition of the drawbridge connecting Moss Bluff and Westlake. See the pic? Yikes!

I grew up in the Moss Bluff area. I, like many of it's residents, have done my share of traveling over that bridge. Heck, my dad took me fishing there many many years ago. there are many stories of kids to grown adults that have jumped from this bridge!

Well, that same fun lovin' bridge is in really bad shape!

KPLC TV reports that several of the pilings found underneath the nearly 50 year old Moss Bluff bridge damaged. Some areas are even cracked beyond repair!

After these recent reports, I can't imagine the number of commuters who are second guessing their drive over that bridge. On the other hand, can you imagine how bad the traffic would be if it were closed?

We'll keep Gator Country posted!