I am a proud father of four children. All four are quite the characters! Today lets chat about that youngest of mine. Her name is Ellie.

Ellie is my 16 year old daughter. And okay, she is the baby. Some will say that she's Daddy's girl. When looking at her... I see a precious angel. Her older siblings see a BRAT.

Well... they might have something there. The explaination?

A few months ago I bought my kid a vehicle. My older three do not like this move because a vehicle wasn't even discussed unless you had a job. Well, Ellie doesn't have one at the moment. But she also knows that after the purchase of her new ride I will fill up the vehicle and Ellie will be responsable for gassing it up. Meaning she will have to take her your pursuit for a REAL JOB seriously!

I will keep you posted on this situation. Should be interesting.