So, like you do, we were sitting around trying to think of pop songs that mention Lake Charles or towns around our area.  Not Cajun songs -- because Lord knows every town in South Louisiana has its own waltz or two-step.  But just run-of-the-mill songs that feature our fair city.  And we didn't come up with many that weren't sung in French.

Of course, the most famous is The Band's "Up on Cripple Creek," which flat-out drops the ol' LC. Lucinda Williams, a Lake Charles native, has a song by the same name.

But then a friend of mine from East Texas, Chase Colton, pointed out this song, and I thought -- yup, this is probably the best song about Lake Charles you could get.  The group is called Shinyribs, led by Beaumont native Kevin Russell.

Listen to the song.  We ALL know a fella like the one in this song.