This morning with Kris and Emily, we learned that a  man is already in line for Black Friday at a Florida Best Buy, he'll be camping out for 33 days! What was the craziest thing you witnessed during Black Friday?

My wife and a friend decided to go Black Friday shopping one year and almost lost there lifes! The friend decided to cut in line. Long story short... my wife is still alive to talk about her friend's stupidity.

Dawn Corbello Which Black Friday? This day seems to start earlier each year. Couple of years ago it was Black Friday savings on Thursday. Last year it was Wednesday. Just a bunch of hype to overlook Thanksgiving.

Heather Courville Fight over a $20 printer.

Karen Daigle At Walmart one year there were only 7 food choppers...lady sitting right in front of them told everyone around her she was getting them all...if someone tried to take some she would bite them!

Marisa Getz people just walking up and taking items out of MY cart (and other peoples) after the store runs out of everything! SMH