Salads, skinny margaritas and men?  I am there.  Yep, a mens-themed-Hooters-like restaurant is finally open in Dallas, Texas and garnering a lot of national attention.  Tallywackers, the brain-child of Rodney Duke.  Duke, a business man and bar owner, recently told the syndicated Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, “everyone has asked themselves the same question over time when visiting all these other venues that are related with female eye candy".   #guycandy

The all-male waitstaff, clad in shorts shorts and tight tank tops, has enjoyed the recent activity of interest from the customers.  Serving basic bar fare such as hamburgers, salads, wings, and wraps, Tallywackers truly strives to make every customer's experience a memorable one.  Going the extra mile and making their own in-house salad dressings, flame-grilled hand-made all beef patties, and welcomes special requests for those dieters or restricted meal planners.

Open in an eclectic uber-neighborhood in Dallas, Tallywackers is already popular for bachelorette parties; some reserving tables for months before opening night.  Even their Facbook Page Tallywackers commonly uses the hashtag: #guycandy.  Too bad the tighty-whiteys have been replaced by tighty-greys.  Where is Markey Mark when you need him?  Road trip, anyone?  Let's leave now, dinner at Tallywackers is on me.  Just keep the "tally" covered, boys.

Hey, Sulphur.......let's bring Tallywackers to Ruth Street.  Too soon??#keepyourtallywackerawayfrommysalad #homegrown