I had a visitor this week on the afternoon show and it was Jean LaFitte 2013 Ken Savant. During our conversation about Contraband Days the subject of me firing the cannon this year was mentioned.

scott lewis[/caption]Well that didn't set too well with Jean LaFitte because I'll be firing the cannon at him as the Buccaneers attempt to take over the city. So he tells me that since I'll be working with the opposing side, if the Buccaneers do take over the city(again) that not only Mayor Roach will walk the plank but so will I. And I understand the water is going to be pretty chilly Friday afternoon.What have I gotten myself into? I told him I could work as a spy but that didn't help either. So come out Friday 5 p.m. to the sea wall and watch as the Buccaneers attempt to take over the city and watch Dale Mann take a chilly dip. He also came and harrassed the Breakfast Bunch.

scott lewis

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