Wow, I'm gonna DVR this for sure! William Shatnerhas a new documentary coming out called "The Captains" where he interviews ALL the Captains of the U.S.S Enterprise!

Among his interviewees Shatner will be seen talking with Avery Brooks from "Deep Space 9", Kate Mulgrew from "Voyager", Scott Bakulka from "Enterprise" and a very nervous Chris Pine from the Star Trek re-boot from lately.

'He's shy,' the older actor told 'So the way I started the interview, I put out a table and chairs outside the Paramount gates, and arm-wrestled with him.

'That was the beginning of my interview with him. I think it broke the ice, that's for sure.'

And of course there is the interview everyone will be looking for: Patrick Stewart!  Will they finally answer the question on who will will when it finally goes down: Jen Luc or Kirk???

Check it our for yourself when 'The Captains', airs on Epix next month!

via Mail Online.