Have you ever had a bad day?  You know, the one where if anything was going to go wrong it did?  Well, I have had a few of those and I just can't wait to take my nightly shower, and crawl under the covers to surf through YouTube until my lids get heavy and I go to sleep.  A few nights ago, I had one of those days that just needed to end already!

As I lay in bed, a came across this nice little gem of two Australian kangaroos battling it out in the street.  Their kick boxing skills were on the mark, a MMA fighter would be proud.  They actually stand and balance on their tails when they kick.  Way cool!

What makes it more appealing, the battle is to classical music.  How did two Joey's end up taking it to the streets like this?  Is this normal in the Outback?  Let me as my Australian friends, and I get back with you.  Take a few minutes, today, and watch the video.  Laugh, and have a good time.  Remember, life is for laughing.  Happy Tuesday!