The political dominoes continue to fall into place. Voters in Louisiana will be choosing a new United States Senator following David Vitter's announcement that he would be leaving that governing body at the end of his current term. The latest candidate to officially announce his intentions to seek Vitter's seat is State Treasurer John Kennedy.

Kennedy told a gathering of supporters yesterday that his reason for running for the U.S. Senate is really very simple. He wants his country back.  Kennedy told the gathered crowd that he believes the country is straying too far from the values that many Louisianians were taught as children by their parents.

They taught me conservative values like God, country, family, discipline, hard work, education and I worry that America is losing those values.

Kennedy told the Louisiana Radio Network that he believes the current generation of children in our state is the first generation to actually be worse off than their parents generation. He believes that is unacceptable.

The reason's very simple:  It's harder than ever to get ahead and easier than ever to do nothing.  And I want to do something about that in the United States Senate.

Kennedy joins fellow republicans Charles Boustany and John Fleming, both United States Congressmen and former Congressman Joseph Cao in the race to take over Vitter's seat in the upcoming November 8th election.