If you've never seen Abraham Zapruder's shocking film of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I can say this -- it is haunting.

While they can only clean up the grainy images so much, this version of the film stabilizes the images so you can clearly see what happened on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas.  But be warned -- you should use own your judgment as to whether or not to view this video.  Despite its age, its muddiness and even the desensitization to violence we live with in our culture, this video -- while an important American historical document -- is graphic on an entirely different level.

Captured by amateur photographer Abraham Zapruder -- a man who never met JFK -- it remains the only document of the Kennedy killing.  It has been dissected endlessly by scholars and forensics evidence, and it is the source of many of the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination.

You could teach a whole college course on just this one video, honestly.  But regardless of how you believe the assassination occurred, the evidence shown on this film tells a story that no novelist, no journalist, no entertainment filmmaker and no artist ever could.