Ok I have to say that "Six Pack" is one of my favorite movies off all time!  I was looking over the day in Country music history and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the movie is turning 33 years old today.

The movie stars Kenny Rogers as Brewster Baker, Diane Lane as Breezy, Erin Gray as Lilah and Anthony Michael Hall as Doc.

This was Kenny Rogers first ever movie role.  Kenny played a minor league racecar driver who was trying to win and work his way up to the big leagues of NASCAR.  In the movie, he stopped at a small town to get gas and when he came out, his trailer with his racecar on it had been stripped from the engine to the tires.

Kenny Rogers who played Brewster Baker in the movie sees the thiefs take of and he races after them to catch them.  Little does he know the criminals are six orphan kids ranging from 5 yrs old to 18.  Well Rogers character catched them abnd finds out that the local sheriff is taking advantage of the kids by making them steal for him.

Rogers charcter finds out how great of mechanics the kids are and takes the kids on the road with him to get them out of their bind.  They kids ultimately become his pit crew.

This is funny, heartwarming and overall great movie!

Here is the actual movie trailer from 1982!  This will give you a great idea about what the show was about!