Saturday night my hubby, Chad, and I watched history being made.  Ronda Rousey putting the smack down on Bethe Correia, in the cage.  Showing the world that SHE is the undefeated champion in any cage, anywhere.  Even turning the "boos" into battle cries, you don't mess with her.

Bethe Correia has had it out for Ronda for a while.  Calling Ronda out, saying she was going to take the belt and title away from her in Brazil.  I would say she was very, very wrong.  Ronda was not letting the title go, Bethe should have listened.  My observation, don't mess with a champion fighter. Especially a woman whose MMA record is 12-0 and UFC record is 6-0, respectively.  Bethe holds the measly 9-1 MMA and 3-1 UFC, respectively.

You don't mess with form, beauty, and perfection, Bethe.  You totally learned a lesson and Ronda shut you up.  BAM!  KO IN 34 SECONDS.  Bye Bye, Bethe, you can leave the cage now.