First off, Erin and I would like to thank everyone  who made our Remembering Rita Series a success on Gator 99.5! If that hurricane made a positive impact it was how it brought every SWLA resident together.

Tomorrow morning, we wrap up our series with KPLC-TV Sunrise Host John Bridges. John is a long time resident and Erin and I will ask him how Hurricane Rita impacted his life for the better. I am sure Mr. Bridges has a story or two to share with the Gator listening audience.

Beside the 24 radio coverage ten years ago, KPLC-TV also served Southwest Louisiana and devastated parts of Southeast Texas with information needed to get lives back together. The Lake Charles television station was a positive impact to much needed residents.

Don't miss our final Remembering Rita Series Spotlight with KPLC-TV News Anchor John Bridges tomorrow morning with Kris and Erin on Gator 99.5.