Mr. KPLC Sunrise will be stopping by tomorrow morning and visiting with Kris and Erin on Gator 99.5. What has John Bridges been up to? Find out Friday!

Last time John visited, he was sitting in for Gator's Newsman Extraordinare Scott Lewis last year. Since then, Bridges has lost tons of weight, bought a motorcycle, and recently ran in the Belmont Stakes (without a horse, mind you) and finished third.
Are the rumors true about his presidential run next year?
If Ben Affleck does not pull off the Batman gimmick, will Bridges suit up and fight for justice in Gotham City while anchoring along side Britney on KPLC Sunrise?
Will Erin talk him into getting a tattoo of her hame and etching it on a bicep?
Get the answers tomorrow morning with Kris and Erin on Gator 99.5!