This morning with Kris and Erin, Sulphur's Henry Roach was the 99th Caller when hearing "Friends in Low Places" on Gator 99.5! He now joins Kayla Kirbow and Scott Dowers as winners of Free Tickets to see Garth on June 26 in Houston. Wanna jump in on the fun? Here's how!

Tomorrow morning at 7:20 a.m. Kris and Erin will announce a new Garth Brooks 'Song That Scores'. They in turn will play the song. The next time THAT song is played on Gator 99.5, the 99th caller will win a pair of tickets to see Garth in Houston on June 26.

It's the talk of Southwest Louisiana!

Who in Gator Country would like Free Tickets to see Garth Brooks in Houston on June 26th?

Christy... Free is my favorite word!!! But free Garth brooks tickets are my four favorite words.

Mike... What do I have to do to get this you name it I will try to do it for the tickets.

Allison... Me. I've never been to a concert.

Kayla... I would it's way over due for me and my husband to do something haven't been out since my first child was born almost 5yrs ago lol.

McKenna... Every time the 99.5 radio station is giving tickets to the 99th caller Stefanie Dickerson tries to get tickets! Please, please, please!! She's a huge fan of Garth Brooks!!!

Karen... That would be awesome!!

Brandy...  Meeee meeee bc my birthday is June 27th and I love him and have since 1988. Roping the wind.

Lauren... me. I do. This girl. Pretty please with 5 cherries on top.

Lena... I have friends in low places that want them! Just sayin