This weekend, I ate a fried Oreo for the first time....EVER.  Kris and I visited the Beauregard Watermelon Festival Saturday, and all I wanted to do was eat some weird festival food.  Maybe a chocolate covered bacon-on-a-stick, something deep fried and wrapped in whatever, and the famous fried Oreo.

Maria Ravia, a local DeRidder, La resident, has been a vendor at the Beauregard Watermelon Festival for over 9 years, and all the proceeds collected from sales goes to the local Junior Livestock Association. When I asked "why a fried Oreo?" Ms. Ravia stated "because they are good and easy to cook at festivals".

And, this is a snack you can make at home (call me when you do, I will bring the milk).  Take a hand full of Oreos, roll them in a sweet-dough like batter (similar to a Beignet batter), and you deep fry it for about 10 seconds.  Drain the fried Oreo, cover with powdered sugar and Voila'!  Eat and enjoy.  I want to make these at home....every day.......all day.